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Q: Are loans available to small businesses that can’t qualify for economic group loans?

A: If you are a small-industrial organization owner or perhaps an entrepreneur with an idea, you may qualify for a loan from ACCION Texas-Louisiana.

ACCION, a registered nonprofit organization, offers credit score rating and service to small and start-up businesses that have little or no get proper of access to to loans from banks and distinct traditional reassets of credit score ratings. It contributes to economic development in Texas and Louisiana thru providing microloans and distinct services to its borrowers. It commonly allows small businesses to which banks can not lend because of the reality the borrowers are considered too risky or without sufficient industrial organisation enjoy, or because of the reality the amount of the loan is without a doubt too small for the economic group to consider.

Individual industrial organisation loans range from $500 to $100,000 with terms from five to one hundred and twenty months. Loans are at a hard and fast rate, which permits borrowers to lock withinside the present day low interest prices for the existence of the loan. Business lines of credit score rating range from $five,000 to 25,000 for set up businesses with years of economic history.

ACCION commonly requires collateral to solid a loan, but is greater flexible than banks withinside the type of collateral accepted. It will consider vehicles, industrial organisation equipment, jewelry, inventory, real belongings as prolonged as it isn’t your home, similarly to certificates of deposit and distinct economic property.

ACCION has helped small businesses which consist of automobile lots, hair salons, restaurants, barbershops, builders, day-care centers and service organizations. ACCION loans help buy equipment, supplies, and distinct essential services and materials, and moreover assemble credit score rating scores that allow small businesses to be “bankable” as they expand larger. To be eligible for loans you need to be over 21 years of age, live and function your industrial organisation in Texas, now now no longer be in economic smash and pledge collateral in Texas or Louisiana.

ACCION will look at your economic cappotential to repay, private character, determination and motivation to decorate your industrial organisation and credit score rating, rate history, available collateral, and economic smash history. Start-ups need to have an alternate deliver of income. The loan way takes about 15 days.


In the United States, it is no thriller that Black-owned businesses lack get proper of access to to the same property and capital that distinct small businesses have. Not simplest have we been denied funding and opportunities. We’ve moreover disregarded out on pertinent industrial organisation property that complements our industrial organisation acumen, expands our networks, and takes our organizations to new heights.

Accion Opportunity Fund (AOF) is on a mission to contrary that.

With the useful resource of American Express, AOF offers the Small Business Progress Loan¹, a financing opportunity supporting small businesses expand. And with this program, AOF is making growth, mentorship, and useful resource its top priority.

Here’s what we apprehend.

AOF’s doing the lending, and American Express is supporting them.

Accion Opportunity Fund, a non-profit, is concept for advancing economic justice thru reinvesting coins from loan bills again into small, minority-owned businesses. Organizations with techniques like the ones help bring greater wealth, opportunity, and capital to the Black community.

American Express has invested in Accion Opportunity Fund to useful resource their mission to help create a greater equitable direction to funding.

While American Express has invested finances in Accion Opportunity Fund, AOF owns and underwrites the loans. With 25 years in service, a tune report of connecting small industrial organisation owners to greater capital, and a customer base that is made of virtually 90% women, people of color, and immigrants, it’s steady to say Accion Opportunity Fund turn out to be built for this.

AOF believes in industrial organisation mind and innovation, and withinside the people and organizations in the back of them.

It’s greater than handiest a loan.

Accion Opportunity Fund (AOF) is supporting to charter a greater equitable direction to help small businesses do greater industrial organisation.

“I apprehend from my very very own enjoy and from running at AOF, that small businesses face insurmountable annoying conditions to get proper of access to [the] property that they need to thrive and succeed,” says Luz Urrutia, Accion Opportunity Fund’s CEO.

The excellent opportunity for a Black CEO seeking out help to expand their industrial organisation, the Small Business Progress Loan has incorporated property to help leaders reap their aspirations, which consist of schooling and industrial organisation property. They moreover promote American Express’s provider issuer offers to loan recipients thru a welcome e-mail simply so they’re aware of the available promotions offered thru Amex at that time.

Recovering from the pandemic and being thrust proper right into a greater digital world, businesses can revel in the tips, insights, and concept offered at a few degree withinside the direction of AOF’s loan program. Connecting with experts and distinct entrepreneurs is a exquisite pillar of the partnership.

When businesses all through the U.S. completed for the government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), studies decided that the loans did now no longer reap eligible Black-owned firms. Additionally, polls from the advocacy group Small Business Majority showed that 23% of small Black-owned businesses were denied a PPP loan in comparison to simplest 9% of small white-owned businesses. With those information in mind, and through private opinions with lenders and banks, it’s smooth to experience discouraged at the same time as thinking about using for a industrial organisation loan in advance than the way even starts.

Not with AOF’s Small Business Progress Loan.

This loan turn out to be designed to make the borrowing way much less complex for small industrial organisation owners. Accion Opportunity Fund seems at your viability as a industrial organisation overall, developing your opportunities of obtaining funding.

Depending in your credit score rating and economic standing, if you take a look at and are approved, your industrial organisation will revel in*:

• Loans with straightforward and apparent terms

• Loan portions ranging from $five,000 to $100,000

• Fixed prices from five.99%-14.99%

• No prepayment penalties

Accion Opportunity Fund is on a mission to help you take your industrial organisation to new heights. And the exciting trouble is, AOF won’t save you until it sees our organizations thriving.

To observe greater about the Small Business Progress Loan, click on on here.

Loans made thru Accion Opportunity Fund Community Development. California Lenders License variety 6050609.

All loans and loan servicing are provided totally thru Accion Opportunity Fund Community Development, and its friends. Accion Opportunity Fund Community Development and its friends are independent 1/three birthday celebration organizations that are not owned, controlled or operated thru, or affiliated with, American Express. American Express makes no guarantee or endorsement regarding Accion Opportunity Fund Community Development, its friends, or their products or services.

Accion Opportunity Fund Community Development and its friends absolutely very very own and control their products and services on their very very own behalf and control all factors of their customer relationship, which consist of making all credit score rating and underwriting decisions. If you get maintain of a loan from Accion Opportunity Fund Community Development, or its friends, American Express will now now no longer be the lender. © 2022 American Express. All rights reserved.

*Other eligibility requirements also can moreover take a look at. All packages are state of affairs to review. Actual prices depend upon important credit score rating rating, loan terms, and credit score rating usage and history.

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