What does a Salesforce Developer do, Salary and Job Outlook

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management CRM platform that helps businesses with things like keeping track of customers, selling stuff, and solving problems — It’s all online and is accessible from anywhere.

A Salesforce developer is a special kind of computer programmer who makes software on the Salesforce CRM platform or other Salesforce cloud technology. Believe it, it’s quite the career.


If you’re interested in becoming a Salesforce developer, the following lines will convince you the most.

What are the Job or Salesforce Developer

The Salesforce developer is responsible for:

  • Understanding what businesses and clients need in terms of software and tech.
  • Making special Salesforce solutions and testing them.
  • Drawing diagrams and models to help with software improvements.
  • Finding where businesses can make their software better.
  • Working with other people to put Salesforce solutions in place.

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What is the Salesforce Developer Daily Routine?

Here are some daily activities in the job descriptions of the Salesforce developer:

  • They talk to clients to understand their needs and talk about solutions.
  • They design user interfaces, apps, and software using simple tools.
  • They write code in languages like Apex, JavaScript, and Python.
  • They test software and fix any problems.
  • They plan Salesforce solutions with other people
  • In a company, they work with software engineers, designers, and others.
  • They share their ideas with leaders and sometimes report to the top people.

Why are Salesforce Developers Important?

Salesforce Developers are a special kind of engineers who use their Salesforce skills to customize the CRM platform for different companies.


This is very important for about the 150,000 companies that use Salesforce.

What Skills do you Need to be a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce Developer is a highly placed skill that requires competency and professionalism. Therefore, here are some things you must be good at:

  • Knowing about Salesforce and its tools.
  • Knowing about programming, software development, and simple design.
  • Being good at programming and software development.
  • Having worked with customers is a plus.
  • Being able to explain technical things to different people.

What Do You Need To Become a Salesforce Developer:

Salesforce Developer requires some formal training and validation such as:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science.
  • Must have worked in programming for 1-2 years.
  • Think about taking extra classes or training to learn more.
  • Take classes about simple design and how to make things easy to use.
  • Leadership training can help you get better jobs.
  • Getting special certificates for Salesforce or programming.

How do you Scale up?

Here’s how to navigate the Salesforce developer career:

  • Start as an entry-level developer and learn from someone more experienced.
  • After two years, became a mid-level developer.
  • After three years, became a senior developer.

Employment and Salary Outlook

Employment Outlook:

Salesforce developers are wanted all around the world.

Countries like the United States, India, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore have lots of job opportunities for them.

In the United States, Salesforce was ranked among the top 25 best jobs in 2019, with Salesforce developer specifically being number 10 on the list.

This shows that there are many job opportunities at Salesforce.

India is also a big place for Salesforce jobs.

Salesforce plans to hire 1,000 new workers in Hyderabad, India, showing that there’s a lot of growth happening there for Salesforce developers.

But it’s not just the US and India. Everywhere, there’s a big need for Salesforce developers.

A report from 2018 showed that there are way more jobs for Salesforce people than there are skilled workers.

In Canada, more companies are moving to the cloud, so they need more people who know how to use Salesforce.

Come 2024, there could be around 28,000 jobs in Canada that need Salesforce skills, according to the Salesforce website.

Salary Outlook: 

Pay depends on where you live and how much experience you have.

Naturally, a senior and experienced Salesforce developer earns more than someone just starting in their career.

Here’s how salaries for Salesforce developers change over time

  • Entry-level Salesforce developers make around $71,551 per year on average.
  • Early-career Salesforce developers see an increase to an average of $88,924 annually.
  • Mid-level Salesforce developers, who have more experience, can earn about $124,009 per year.

Late-career Salesforce developers, with extensive experience, typically earn an average annual salary of $119,315.

Side note:Becoming a Salesforce developer can be tough. You need technical skills, good communication, and an understanding of business. 

Many have a degree in computer science or something similar. 

Experience matters a lot, so working with Salesforce or getting certified by them helps.

Knowing about how businesses work is important too, as you’ll be customizing Salesforce for them.


There are other types of developing skills that can fetch you lots of money other than Salesforce.

To become a successful Salesforce developer, you need to get experience and work with Salesforce CRM solutions regularly.

This way, you can have a great career that fits the needs of the market and helps companies grow.


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