What is the Turkey Burslari Full-Time Scholarship 2024-2025

Turkey Government Scholarship 2024-2025 is fully funded and available for international students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and PhD studies.

In addition to providing high-quality education and valuable experience, Turkey also offers scholarships to exceptional international students from around the globe to study at prestigious Turkish universities.


You too can join the train of word changers if you have the time to see what’s in it for you.

Scholarship Overview

  • Study Levels: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Institutions: Various Universities
  • Location: Turkey
  • Application Deadline: January 10 to February 20, 2024

Offered Courses:

  • Biotechnology,
  • Engineering,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Biology,
  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Physics, Food Engineering, 
  • Math, 
  • Medicine.

What is the Update for the Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025

What’s in the Scholarship:

  • You can get free Turkish scholarships covering bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees.
  • There are 1325 programs available.

Scholarship Duration

Duration varies for each program:

  • For a bachelor’s, it’s 4 years plus 1-year Turkish language preparation.
  • For master’s, 1 year Turkish language course plus 2 years.
  • For PhD, 1 year Turkish language course plus 4 years.

Scholarship Coverage:

  • It includes university and program placement, tuition fees, return flight tickets, health insurance, accommodation, and a one-year Turkish language course.
  • Monthly stipends are 1000 TL for undergraduates, 1400 TL for master’s, and 1800 TL for Ph.D. students.


To qualify for the Turkey Government Scholarship, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Language: You should be fluent in English or Turkish.
  • Countries: Applicants from all countries are welcome.
  • Academic Criteria:
    • For a Bachelor’s degree: Need at least 70% in your academic performance.
    • For Master’s and Doctorate degrees: You need a minimum of 75% in your academic performance.
    • For Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy): You should have at least 90% in your academic performance.
  • Age Criteria:
    • Under 21 for Undergraduate programs.
    • Under 30 for Master’s programs.
    • Under 35 for Doctorate programs.
  • Eligible Groups: Citizens of any country, graduates, or those about to graduate by August 2022, researchers, and academicians.
  • Non-Eligible Groups: Turkish citizens or those who lost Turkish citizenship, students already enrolled in Turkish universities for the same level of study they’re applying for.
  • Other Requirements:
    • TOEFL or IELTS certification is needed.
    • Provide an official academic record with certificates, courses, and grades.
    • Submit a purpose statement explaining why you want the scholarship.
    • Applicants should be in good health.
    • Short-term programs may have extra requirements, so check during the application period

How to Apply:

Here’s how you can apply for the Turkey Government Scholarship:

  • Go to the scholarship website and create an account.
    • You can only apply through individually.
    • Remember, no other person or institution can apply for you.
    • Read all the instructions and warnings carefully on the application system.
    • Upload all the required documents to the application system.
    • Remember, applications sent by post, courier, or hand delivery will not be accepted.
    • Applying is free of charge.
    • Choose your top 12 preferences for universities and programs.
  • Fill out the application on the website and upload the necessary documents.
  • Make sure to submit these documents during the online application:
    • Either a valid National Identification Document or Passport
    • A recent, clear photo of yourself (Make sure it’s identifiable)
    • National exam scores (if you don’t have any international certificates)
    • Your diploma or a temporary certificate of graduation
    • Academic transcripts (Make sure they are certified)
    • International exam scores if required by the university or program (like GRE, GMAT, etc.)
    • Language test scores if required
    • A research proposal and a written work sample (only for PhD applicants)

About the Art-Based Scholarship

The Art Scholarship Program offers scholarships to international students studying undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs in musical sciences, performing arts, and fine arts at Ankara Music and Fine Arts University.

Students can apply for the following departments under the Art Scholarship Program:

Performing Arts:

  • Instrument Training (Undergraduate)
  • Voice Training (Undergraduate)
  • Music Sciences and Technologies
  • Music Technologies (Undergraduate)
  • Music Theory (Undergraduate)

Music and Fine Arts:

  • Instrument Training (Graduate)
  • Music Sciences (Graduate)
  • Music Technologies (Graduate)
  • Music Theory (Graduate)
  • Musicology (Graduate)
  • Voice Training (Graduate)

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Language Barrier 

Many programs at Turkish universities are taught in Turkish. However, some are offered in English and other languages.

If you want to study in these programs, you’ll need to show a language proficiency certificate like TOEFL.

Some programs also require international admission test results like GRE, GMAT, or SAT.

You can check the language of instruction when selecting programs in the application system.

For undergraduate candidates with international qualifications such as SAT or GCSE instead of national exam scores, they should meet the minimum requirements for completing secondary school according to these international exams.

All Türkiye Scholarship recipients who don’t have a C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency, even if they’re placed in English or other language programs, must attend a one-year Turkish Language Course and get the C1 Level Certificate by the end of their academic year.


The Turkey Government Scholarship aims to create a network of future leaders dedicated to enhancing cooperation among nations and fostering mutual understanding among societies.

Regardless of your beliefs and culture, welcome to one place where you can achieve your dreams of becoming a world Impact.


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